​​​Born in South Africa, Cape Town in 1982.

My name is Katherine Rainers.

I consider myself a passionate, creative individual with a particularly sharp eye for detail and order with a high standard of quality in production. I have many creative passions but photography has been my constant love throughout the years.

I started out learning about photography as early as my teen years, but only took it as a profession in my 20’s. I have explored many avenues of photography, some being film, corporate and studio. One of the things my clients always enjoy is the smile I give while I am taking their photograph. I guess it’s just that moment before I press the shutter release button, my smile becomes contagious and seems to put the client at ease. My clients know that photography for me is more than just a job, or craft it’s a part of who I am. I am relational, engaging, calm and humble.

I naturally love to serve, so I tend to go above and beyond what most clients expect. Because of my love for project coordination and management, my thoughts are always one step ahead at events and special occasions. I have excellent focus, love to write and meet new people.

I do hope that this gives you a glimpse of who I am! I look forward to meeting you….soon!